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That was the title of the Craigslist ad that started it all… ‘Fuck my BBW Wife tonight’. Well, I can’t really say that it started it… but it certainly put things into high gear. Lets rewind a bit… I have always liked Big Beautiful Women (BBW). They turn me on to no end. I love their soft curves, their large ample breasts, round sexy bellies, thick thighs and big butts. I feel extremely lucky to have found myself a sexy BBW about 12 years ago. We met online in a chat room and we were soon having regular weekend hookups to fuck each other’s brains out and spend quality time together. I remember spending seemingly endless nights in bed with her as we would talk to each other about anything and everything until the sun came up. Even when I had to be up at 8AM. It didn’t take long to know she was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my days with. After a few years we moved in together and a few years later bought a house. We have two kids. One being from her previous marriage. Did I mention she was married when we met? He was a dick and didn’t appreciate what he had. ’nuff said.

Ok. Enough about how we met and such… Now on to the nitty gritty details. As I said. I love BBW’s. When I find myself in need of getting off and the wife isn’t in the mood (which isn’t very often) I find myself surfing for bbw porn. After awhile I found that I had a habit of searching for BBW’s with black men. Quite often, 2 or more. I also found that as I was watching videos of sexy fat women getting pounded by big black cock, I was thinking of my wife being the woman. I started fantasizing about her with 2 or more black men. It was an odd fantasy for me because I am kind of a jealous guy. Well, not kind of… I am a jealous guy. After some time, I started hinting at my fantasy. I would just casually mention something about how her with a black guy would be hot or something like that. This went on for quite some time…. Probably a couple years. We never really went any further than me mentioning it.. and her sort of brushing it off. Probably because she didn’t take me seriously. Me being the jealous type and all. Well, a few years passed.. We have had our ups and downs in our relationship.. its bound to happen during the course of 12 years. But, we always seem to be able to talk to each other and work things out and end up stronger than before. The last year or so I have felt a new connection with her. An even stronger one than before. I have always loved my wife. But the past several months I have felt like I have fallen in love with her all over again. It seems as though our relationship has achieved a point where we are able to talk to each other on another level. Its tough to explain.

In any case, over the course of the past several years I explored my fantasy of seeing her with black men. I did some searching, trying to find information about what I wanted and came across the cuckold fetish. If you aren’t sure what that is, A cuckold is a married man with an adulterous wife. The normal definition of a cuckold is a married man whose wife cheats on him with or without his knowledge. On the surface, it sounded like my thinking was in line with that. So, over the course of several months, I started doing some reading and surfing. I found a bunch of web sites and forums and did more reading. I found that, while what I wanted technically fit the basic definition of a cuckold, it wasn’t entirely in line with the practices of those I found online. It seemed for the most part, a cuckold was a sub male who had a dominant wife. Now, I will admit, I have a strong wife and that is part of why I love her so much. However, I am not looking to take a sub role in our relationship. It also seemed that in some (many) cases a cuckold, hotwife (cuckoldress) relationship involved the wife having multiple partners at her discretion with or without her hubby being there or his consent. What I was looking for was different.

During this time, we continued talking about this fantasy of mine. Only occasionally and not with much detail. But I came to the realization that I was into the idea of seeing my wife with other men.. not just black men. While, ultimately, I would love to see her in a threesome or foursome with all black men. I have come to embrace the idea of watching her with other men, no matter their race or the number of them. I love having sex with my wife. After 12 years she is still doing things that make me go whoah! What I love the most is making and watching her cum. The best is when I lick her pussy and feel her thick thighs shaking around my head as she tenses up and her pussy quakes. There is just something amazing about watching the woman you love cum. The look of total pleasure as the moment hits, the look in her eyes, the way her mouth curls, the tensing in her body, the rush of color to her face, the hardening of her nipples and then bam! It’s just simply amazing. I want to watch her have that experience… with other men as I record it. So, why do I find my fantasy to differ from that of a cuckold/cuckoldress relationship? Control. While I want to see my wife with other men. I want to be in control of the experience. More on this in a bit…

Lets fast forward to about 2 months ago. One night we were out shopping and decided to go to the liquor store to get something to drink for that night. While we were there looking, a latino guy who was about 22 – 25 came through and grabbed a bottle from where we were standing. He told us we should give what he was having a try. I think he said, It doesn’t cost a lot and it gets you where you want to go. We laughed and said thanks and he went on his way. We got our drink and headed out as well… As we walked across the parking lot and got into our car, the thought of watching my wife suck this guy off came to my mind (yeah, I have a dirty, perverted mind.. as if you haven’t already figured that out..). It kind of turned me on and I asked her if she wanted to. I asked in a semi joking tone, but with a hint of seriousness. I expected to have her make some comment about how im gross and what not. To my surprise, she didn’t totally shoot the idea down. Instead, she asked some questions such as where would she do that and other questions that lead me to think that she was at least into the idea of it.

We didn’t hunt the guy down that night and do the dirty. But since then, we have discussed the idea in great detail. Seeing the look of intrigue and curiosity in her eyes as she thought about sucking a strangers cock lit a fire under me. I got to thinking about how to proceed in finding a guy for her. We talked about what each of us expected. I explained how part of the fantasy for me was to be in control of what was happening. I would be the point of contact for any guys who were interested. I would have a say in who she got together with and I would always be present when she hooked up with other men. I explained that I had no interest in being humiliated as is the case with most cuckold discussions I had seen. So, as I said earlier. While it may be a cuckold / cuckoldress relationship in its most basic form.. it doesn’t really go beyond that and delve into what seems to fuel most of that fetish. I also don’t see myself eating the other guys cum out of her after they are finished (something else I saw as common in the cuckold forums i visited). But, I do plan on fucking her through the bed after she gets done with them.

We thought on this for a few days and tossed around the idea of a craigslist ad. I mostly teased her with it. I told her I was going to and she was convinced that no one would respond. She insisted no one would be interested. Despite the fact that I have told her repeatedly for the past twelve years that she is extremely beautiful and amazing, she insisted that no guy would have an interest in fucking her. So, one night I ran an ad before going to bed. It was the first craigslist ad. It had the title ‘BBW Couple Looking for Horny Guys between 24 and 32′. There was a good bit of info in the ad and I also posted 4 pictures of her in various poses. The ad ran for about 15 minutes and was flagged and removed. I never really figured out why, but I had some suspicion that it was because of the location I had entered. In any case, there were 2 or 3 responses to that ad in the time it was active. I expected nothing less… My wife on the other hand was blown away.

A few days went by and we discussed the idea even more and looked at the pictures of the guys who had responded to the ad and tossed around the idea of her fucking them. None of them really fit the bill. They were either too old, too young or too creepy. But while we talked about it, we were both extremely horny and the resulting sex was amazing. A few days later we were heading out to get something to eat. It was the first Friday night in a LONG time that we were alone for the night as both kids were gone off for one thing or another. I was teasing her that I was going to find her a guy to fuck that night. She laughed at me and went on again about how no guy would be interested. So before we left for dinner, I logged into her computer and posted a new ad on craigslist. This time I kept it simple and to the point… the title read ‘Fuck my BBW Wife tonight’ the ad itself was pretty simple. Click here to see what it said. I also included the same pictures as the previous ad.

She laughed at me and we went off to dinner. When we got back, I went right to the computer. We had several responses from guys that matched what we were looking for. She was again stunned. A few guys seemed like possible matches so I emailed them back with a few more pictures of her and asked for more information from them. One of them stood out among those we were talking with. At this point I was engrossed with the idea of seeing her fuck another guy THAT night. I went into overdrive and tried to convince my wife that since we had a night alone we should set something up and go meet him at a local hotel. We spent the next several hours talking about and considering it. In hindsight, It turns out that most of it was just me trying to convince her to go through with it. In the end I pushed too hard. I had thought that we were on the same page with this idea and that she wanted it as much as I did. I was wrong. While she was still at the stage of thinking about it and pondering the ideas of it, I was at the stage of acting on it. She had a bit of a melt down and we ended up spending the night in separate rooms.

The next day was tense for a little while. She was upset, I was clueless…. But, like I said earlier. Over the course of the past several months, it seems as though our relationship has come to a new level of communication. It was evident that day. We talked about it more than we had the previous several weeks. We discussed more about her ideas of what was going on and my ideas of what was going on and came to a clearer understanding of what we each expected. While I had wanted to just set something up and go, for her it was more of a mental process. She needed some time to consider each guy, play with the idea in her head and get a feel for him. She wanted to create a fantasy for herself about him. She explained that the biggest turn on for her is going to be the part of having sex, for the first time, with a guy she barely knows. Since that day, we talked about it alot more. In particular about her with the two different guys (at two different times) who were the most potential candidates and especially the one who is closest in location to us and in most probability will be her first.

We set our sites on that guy. I sent him a few more emails with several pics and setup a phone sex session between him and my wife. The night she called, she was so very nervous. It took her a few dry runs before she actually dialed the number. After she called, it didn’t take too long for her to calm down some and get into her conversation. Soon after the talk turned to sex. I had set out to take pictures of her the entire time on the phone. That didn’t last long. Once the sex talk started, I couldn’t control myself and had my fingers playing with my wife’s pussy. She was so unbelievably wet and on fire. She started grinding her clit hard into my hand and forced my fingers deep inside her warm, wet pussy. Before long I was face first in her pussy and licking away. She didn’t last too long in that phone session. ;) I love licking my wife’s pussy, but that night was nothing short of spectacular. She was so worked up by the phone sex that she was rocking her hips and grinding her pussy into my face. After that, we fucked and then fucked again. She told me I pretty much fucked her through the bed. I couldn’t help myself. Click here to read her take on all of this

After we got done, I sent the guy some pictures from the phone sex session. The ones I took before I got carried away and put the camera down. She had a good feeling for this guy now and we started contemplating an actual meeting. We figured out some possible dates and ran them by him. A few things got in the way and pushed our potential meeting back 2 or 3 times. Eventually, we settled on a date at the end of April. April 30 to be exact. So, that was how it started.. In the process of getting us to the point of actually setting a date, we did a lot of talking and had A LOT of sex. Amazing sex. Sweaty sex. Intense sex. I found that, while it took some convincing on my part, my wife has been extremely turned on by the idea of fucking another guy while I watch. It has opened new doors in our relationship and I can’t wait to see where they take us. The date today is Sunday, May 2. We had our first date nite this past Friday. I will let the other posts I make here tell the rest of the story. For now, I will just say, everyone involved was quite happy.

Here is my wife’s review of her first experience with another guy while I watch.

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